The Western Front 1914 - 1918

The Western Front: Battlefields, Memorials and Cemeteries of the First World War by Marcel Belley

One of the rare books about the First World War that visually explores the efforts of the major combatants to remember the fallen along the entire length of the old Western Front. The area of Belgium and northern France that was the Western Front is a place like no other. In a line running seven hundred kilometers from the English Channel to the Swiss border the horrors of industrialised war consumed men by the millions for over four years. When the War finally ended, entire societies were in shock and the ensuing outpouring of grief can be seen today in the countless cemeteries and memorials that dot the landscape. Much has been written of the British experience and the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission including the major architects of national memorials, but little material can be found regarding the American, French and German sites. In 2013 Marcel and a friend travelled the entire length of the Western Front. The images he captured tell an amazing story and the chapters of the book are organised in such a way as to help the reader to understand the stupendous efforts of the nations involved to remember their fallen.

BELLEY (Marcel), The Western Front : Battelefields, Memori&als and Cemeteries of the First World War, London, Unicorn Publishing org., 2017, 220 pages