Western front experience, 1914 - 1918


Ninety years after the Armistice of 1918, we are still fascinated with the First World War. The Western Front Experience describes the development of the fighting from 1914-1918, spotlighting some of the obscure but important actions and as well as the major battles. From the appalling conditions endured by the soldiers in the trenches, to the generals in their headquarters, this book combines a vivid narrative informed by recent research, and brings to life one of the most terrible periods of warfare the world has ever known. It also includes: diaries, letters and telegrams; maps, plans and orders; and propaganda and posters.

Author Bio

Professor Gary Sheffield was appointed Chair of War Studies at the University of Birmingham in 2006, having previously taught as a Professor of Modern History at King's College, London. He is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Royal Society of Arts and has written widely on twentieth-century military history especially the First World War. In 2003, he shared the Templer Medal for Military Literature for his contribution to The British General Staff: Innovation and Reform (2002). Gary regularly brodcasts on radio and television, and his work has appeared in the Independent, the Independent on Sunday, the Guardian, the Mail on Sunday, the Times Literary Supplement and BBC History Magazine. He lives in Birmingham.

SHEFFIELD (Gary), Imperial War Museum: The Western Front experience (1914-1918), London, Andre Deutsch publishers, 2008 In collaboration with the Imperial War Museum

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