1915 - Second Battle of Ypres Gas! / Dream Castles

On April 22, 1915 had for the first time in history a large gas attack instead. Between Steenstraat and Langemarck chlorine gas drifted on the breeze from the German line of French troops who were not protected against it. There were more than a thousand deaths and nearly broke the Allied front bow at Ypres. It was the start of a month long bloody battle in which five gas attacks took place and who brought the Allied front to less than 4 km from the city center. The civilian population was forced to leave the city. Later, all this called the Second Battle of Ypres. In the next 27 months 'small' Ypres Salient remained a constant threat, and the city was almost completely shot to rubble.

Before the war Ypres was not only known as a medieval city. In the area where she met many castles and manors with extensive domains. In the first year of the war many of them were involved in the war. They were destroyed because the front ran through the domain, whether they were used as headquarters, as medical aid station or camp. For most of these areas, the war meant an end to a glorious time. Some were repaired, others rebuilt, but most changed for good countenance or destination. Some of today is nothing more than a bunch to find. Or just the name of a war cemetery to honor their glorious existence.

The historic double exhibition in 1915, the Second Battle of Ypres and Dream Castles? brings these tragic events uniquely reminder. Unprecedented visuals, insightful charts, iconic objects and documents illustrate the second year of the war of the century memorial to Ypres and the front area. At the same time the second part of the exhibition is an introduction to three other exhibitions castle domains of the region in Heuvelland (Kemmel), Zonnebeke and Poperinge (The Lovie).