Imperial Germany's Iron Regiment

Imperial Germany's "Iron Regiment". Infantry Regiment 169, 1914-1918

Generally speaking, war histories of German regiments during either the First or Second World War are comparatively rare. Thus, the author's book is a welcome addition to the limited published resources of this genre.

Inspired by a wartime journal written by the author's grandfather, a veteran of the regiment,  much of the book is drawn from this rare testimony. Published for the first time in English it immerses the reader in an aspect of trench warfare that one quite rarely sees. This is an information-packed and well edited book, illustrated with maps relevant to particular sections. It is fully referenced and contains a section of period images. Certainly a worthwhile publication giving a German perspective on the war.

Author: John K. Rieth is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and a Military Historian. He is the author of "Patton's Forward Observers; The History of the 7th Field Artillery Observation Battalion". He is also a member of the Army Historical Foundation.

REITH (John K.), Imperial Germany's "Iron Regiment". Infantery Regiment 169, 1914-1918, Badgley Publishing Company, 2014, 323 pages

Review published in Britain_at_War_february_2015.